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Our focus is creating success through partnership with our clients – by helping them to uncover the true power in their numbers. We have co-developed an extensive range of "dashboard" software tools and resources designed to put the business owner in the driving seat of their business. There are three entry points into Castle Heslop which we call Numbers, Board View and our customized Virtual FD service.

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Watch our 6 minute video below that can help you change your business quickly and with lasting results.

About us

Our entire team of professionals are here to help you achieve everything you want from Castle Heslop Associates. As an organisation of professionals we commit to:

• Keep our clients fully informed about what is happening on their affairs and complete every task on or ahead of time so that they never have to chase us.

• Operate on the principle that a problem is not solved, or a piece of work is not finished until the client is 100% delighted.

• Reply to every telephone message and reply to every letter promptly.

• Never compromise the high standards of integrity, professionalism and confidentiality that a client rightly expects of us.

• Always be on the lookout for new ideas that would help our clients to build even more successful businesses and help them to achieve their business goals. Paul J. Castle has been leader in the UK accountancy than twenty years building relationships with a broad spectrum of business owners in London and Kent.

Paul J. Castle, ACMA, ACIS Managing Director

Paul is a recognised expert in innovative management of business finance directed towards significant growth and the long-term wealth development of company directors. Paul understands that success goes beyond the balance sheet to the health of our family and community relationships. Paul J. Castle is a professional speaker and enjoys presenting to community and business groups on the importance of financial planning and innovation in the successful development of business particularly during challenging times. Paul is active on LinkedIn and enjoys connecting and building relationships. Join the discussion with Paul Now on LinkedIn