Welcome to the concept of living “above the line” and its transformative impact on business and personal life. In this article, we’ll explore conscious leadership and this mindset, offering insights for business owners to enhance their success.
Living above the line
Above vs. Below the Line: Picture a line separating excellence from mediocrity, and success from failure. Living “above the line” means committing to teamwork, ownership, solutions, and collective success. Conversely, “below the line” entails excuses, blame, toxicity, and hindered growth.
Recognizing Below-the-Line Thinking: People and businesses dip below the line when avoiding accountability, resulting in a victim mentality, blame, and subpar outcomes.
Impact on Business: Living below the line hampers engagement, lack of focus on the company’s vision, and poor results.
The Power of Living Above the Line: Encourage your team to operate above the line. Cultivate a supportive culture, where mistakes lead to learning, responsibility, and solutions.
Foster above-the-line behaviour with clear accountabilities, open communication, trust, and collaboration.
Recognizing Human Imperfection: Understand that everyone occasionally dips below the line. Instead of blame, support each other in staying above.
In 2024, conscious leadership and living above the line are essential for success. Embrace self-awareness, and curiosity, and thrive with Castle Heslop’s guidance and, Live above the Line.
Remember “We don’t see things as they are – we see them as we are!”